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Sheila Carrasco

Bio of Sheila Carrasco

I was fortunate to grow up on the foot steps of the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. It would become a lifelong influence and  inspiration. Kansas City also had wonderfully executed outdoor monuments sprinkled throughout the city. I told myself when I grew up I would do a monument some day maybe before I died, and I have. "Open Secret" is on the main street of Blacksburg, Virginia and my childhood dream has been fullfilled. As a child, I thought like a child, but as an adult, I found the execution of this monument to be a labor of love and quite meaningful.

I've found out life is not static. The script keeps changing and standing still is not permitted, for long.

I began my career at age 4 the minute my little fingers swirled finger paint on a paper bag, I knew I was in strangely very familiar territory beyond my years. It was a comforting and protective environment where I could make the rules as I saw fit. I liked that.

I studied at the University of Missouri at Kansas City but quickly grew bored after taking the bulk of my art classes in the first 2 years. Working in the original art casting foundry owned by Bob and Mary Zimmerman in Loveland Colorado, in the late 70's, early 80's, gave me the apprenticeship of a lifetime. Bronze portraiture has always been my "bread and butter". The "Boettcher Portraits" on the Denver University campus is my "coup de grace" but my "Future Ancestor Series" is my treasure (1989-2006).

Staying in a very cold flat in the dead of winter transported me back to a wonderfully sinister fairy tale time. In 1996 I was lucky to be asked by the Director to be the first American to have an opening of my paintings and sculpture at the Museum of City Sculpture in the Alexander Nevsky Lavre, St. Petersburg, Russia.

I was also one of several finalists in the World Trade Center Memorial Competition of 2003. As is described in my narrative, the "Future Ancestor Series" represents both futuristic and primitive totems of humanity. On a global level they speak for themselves.

Resume of Sheila Carrasco

1303 Harlow Ln.

Loveland, CO 80537

(970) 962-9726




1967-1969 UMKC, Kansas City, Mo.

1995-1996 Studied with Hermitage Group, St. Petersburg, Russia.



2010 - Chancellor Chester Alter portrait bronze - Alter Arboretum, Denver University , Denver Co.

2008 - June Riverspan Exhibition, Cinncinati , Ohio

2007 - Botkins Sculpture Invitational, Botkins, Ohio

2005 - "Portrayals" Loveland Museum, Loveland, Co.

2002 - Russian Icon Exhibition, Loveland, Co.

1999 - Upper Edge Gallery, Aspen, Co.

2001 - 2002 - Royce and Bond Gallery, Boulder, Colorado

1998 - Gallery East, Loveland, Co.

1998 - Gallery 10, Santa Fe, NM.

1997 - Lego Exhibition, Loveland Museum, Loveland, Co.

1996 - Museum of City Sculpture, - Read More, St. Petersburg, Russia

1994 - Future Ancestor Series, Loveland Museum, Loveland, Co.

1993 - Governor's Invitational, Loveland, Co.

1992 - Fleck-Ellmann Gallery, Aspen, Co.

1992 - Fish Exhibit, Loveland Museum, Loveland, Co.

1991 - One West Contemporary Art Center, Ft. Collins, Co.

1990 - Artsravaganza, Blacksburg, Va.

1987 - Butterflies and Unicorns, Roanoke, Va.

1986 - Fine Art Source, Loveland, Co.

1985 - Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, Co.

1984 - Gallery East, Loveland, Co.


8 ft outdoor monument "Open Secret", Blacksburg, Va.

Boettcher Memorial Boettcher Center, Denver, Co.



2003 - World Trade Center Memorial Finalist, New York, NY.

2003 - Volunteer - Teaching Art and Art history - Public School District, Reidsville, NC.

2002 - Basilica Doors Finalist, Denver, Co.

2001 - Movie Review -"Cider House Rules"- Read More, Journal of Feminist Family Therapy , International Forum

1996 - "Russian Artists Exchange Program, - Read More, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

1994 - "Partners in the Arts" - Read More, Thompson Valley School District, Loveland, CO.

1993-2001 - Volunteer - Teaching Art and Art History -P ublic School District of Loveland, Co.

1987-1990 - United Way Volunteer - Blacksburg - Christiansburg Office, Va.



1996 - "People make a Difference" - Read More, Reporter Herald, Loveland, CO.

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